Can You Guess Which Star Landed the Cover of Vogue's Met Gala Issue?

As a follow-up to this year's much-discussed Met GalaVogue has published its annual special-edition Met Gala issue. Rihanna, in her handmade Guo Pei gown that took two years to create, stole the spotlight that evening and rightfully landed the cover of the issue.

Alongside Rihanna on the cover are the names of major celebrities who were in attendance: Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner, and so on. Notably absent: Kim Kardashian. Was it a snub in response to Kardashian's brazen disregard for the no–cell phone policy that evening? We may never know!

Check out Rihanna on Vogue's Met Gala cover above, and tell us if you agree with her placement!

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