One Vogue Editor's Major Makeover—See the Before and After Pics

Vogue obviously possesses a certain mystique; there's a pretty consistent underlying assumption that anyone who works there is insanely stylish at all times. Well, a personal essay penned by Vogue fashion writer Liana Satenstein challenges all that.

With the utmost candor and honesty, Satenstein writes about a serious makeover she underwent this summer to try to upgrade her style, and how said makeover ended up changing her life in a major way. 

"On most days, I would arrive at work in something black, something slouchy, worn, and oversize, trying to re-create some inkling of Emmanuelle Alt’s glamour while simultaneously claiming that I didn’t care to try at all; to mixed results," she writes of her work attire at Vogue. "After arriving late, harried, and thrown-together for a shoot that I was to be photographed for, I was on the receiving end of some tough love from Executive Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham.

"'Take pride in what you do,' she said, and put me in a silk striped button-down, and a pair of high-waisted jeans that cinched in my waist. Within minutes, I looked like a new person—polished and like I actually worked in the office, not a downtrodden hopeful. I noticed a difference—and so did Bickham. She decided to give me a makeover."

The results are fairly astonishing, as Bickham is able to maintain the core of Satenstein's personal style with more of a high-fashion approach. Keep scrolling to see the before and after shots now!