See the Dress Style One Major Designer Calls the Sexiest Ever

In the era of the naked dress, it's hard to imagine that a relatively short 150 years ago, the must-have dress style on the marketthe crinoline—showed as little skin as possible. Popular during the Victorian era, the crinoline (seen above) was a giant caged hoop crafted of horse hair, bone, and sometimes even steel (!) and was worn under women's elaborate skirts.

And at least one contemporary designer claims that the crinoline is, in fact, the sexiest dress of all time. Iconic U.K. designer Vivienne Westwood, who is known for her taste for the avant-garde and extreme, elaborates on her thoughts as part of a new special exhibit on the crinoline currently being shown at the National Museum of Scotland.

"There was never a fashion invented that was more sexy," Westwood said. "How great to come into a room and occupy six feet of space."

While we very seriously doubt the comfort of such an object, we have to agree that you would make quite an entrance wearing one of these. Keep scrolling to shop more of our favourite statement-making dresses now!

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