This Hilarious Viral Video Pokes Fun at How We All Wear Activewear

These days, it seems like we all wear activewear to do everything but go to the gym: grocery shopping, getting our nails done, running errands, you name it. With the athleisure trend being what it is, it's easy to find super-cute activewear that beats the effort required to put a thoughtful "outfit" together and is more elevated than going out in pajamas or sweatpants. So it's basically a win-win for the world.

The commonality of wearing workout clothes to, you know, do everything except exercise is exactly what this new viral video pokes fun atand we have to say, it pretty much hits the nail on the head. Our favourite parts were: "being hungover in my activewear ... shopping for activewear in my activewear ... doing literally nothing in my activewear." 

Keep scrolling to see the hilarious video, and then shop some of our favourite activewear! 

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