The Vintage Pieces That Will Be in Demand for Autumn/Winter 2020

As a second-hand shopper, I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about one question: When does something actually become vintage? I don't think there's an exact equation to it, but it has been fascinating watching the trends I grew up with in the '90s start to be repurposed and embraced by Gen Z. (Welcome back, chokers, chain belts and tank tops.) Perhaps there is a cyclical waiting period that sees fashion trends loop back around and finally become cool again after 15 or 20 years. It's a mystery.

Of course, there are many things at play when it comes to deciding which styles make a comeback and which don't. Fashion editors, trend forecasters, designers and buyers all play their part in ushering in the next big thing. And if you're lucky enough to be ahead of the curve in spotting these vintage revivals, you might have a chance to nab a bargain before its value skyrockets. Just think of Fendi Baguettes and Dior Saddlebags. 

So what should we be looking out for in A/W 20? I got the low-down from an expert at Farfetch, an e-commerce site that dedicates a whole category to pre-loved items, to find out what she expects to spike in the next few months. 

"With early noughties nostalgia remaining in the zeitgeist thanks to emerging designers such as Charlotte Knowles and Supriya Lele, I foresee a return of some of fashion’s more polarising trends, such as the low-rise trouser," says Celenie Seidel, senior womenswear editor at Farfetch. "Neat-fitting waistcoats and knitted vests are also a major mood that I feel will continue to build, and while today’s designers are creating some amazing versions, some of the best examples can be found second-hand from the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Maison Margiela. They're the perfect trans-seasonal item."

Yep, hold on to your double denim because the noughties are back. Scroll down to see and shop the vintage pieces that fashion insiders predict are going to soar this season.

Low-Rise Trousers

Noughties It Bags


Knitted Vests

Noughties Denim Separates

Cowboy Boots