I Think These 8 Summer Trends Look So Much Better Second-Hand

While I have long been an avid vintage hunter, the alternate reality that is lockdown has thrust me into a new world where heading into central London for pre-loved rummaging is a no-go. On the plus side, these travelling restrictions have opened up a whole microcosm of online vintage shopping—an area that has undoubtedly flourished in recent months with a new legion of fans hitting their phones to get their second-hand shopping hit.

Vintage summer trends 2020



There is so much on offer right now when it comes to finding second-hand fashion online—check out my deep-dive into the digital vintage revolution here—but in the meantime, I wanted to present you with an edit which shows that, in my opinion, some trends simply look much better second-hand. Not only this, but the chances are these items will be cheaper than designer counterparts and just as well made—they've lasted this long without falling apart, after all. 

For 2020, my vintage radar has focused on the likes of '60s print floral dresses (very Dodo Bar Or), gingham fabrics, '70s sunnies and linen separates. Trust me—buying second-hand has never been so accessible, so make the most of it. However, if you're a little time-poor, I've put together an edit of eight trends that have caught my eye this year. Scroll down, and prepare to get clicking. 


Floral Dresses

Linen Separates

Printed Playsuits

Boxy Blazers

'70s-Style Sunnies

Gingham Fabrics

Longline Shorts

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