I Fall in Love With These Vintage Celebrity Outfits Every Single Summer

Vintage summer fashion can be riddled with clichés, and as a Who What Wear reader, you'll know we try to sidestep anything that's been overplayed, favouring a little unique wardrobe thinking instead. Some good that comes from our pernickety nature: Thanks to constant (and extensive) research, we can tell you there's a plethora of old-school hot-weather inspiration to found, especially once you step outside of the oft-referenced archive images of the world's most iconic stars.

Take Audrey Hepburn, for example. Your mind would automatically go to her neckerchief-and–full skirt combination from Roman Holiday—but in all seriousness, that's a tough one to pull off in 2017 without looking twee. So we dug a little deeper and worked out how this movie star wore short shorts—you can take her lead and apply it to your denim cutoffs.

Or how about Brigitte Bardot? Sure, we all know her Breton look from Les Mépris, but have you ever seen her in a boho white dress and floppy hat? It's got hippy holiday written all over it. Then there's Marilyn Monroe. We could count 101 bikinis she's been pictured in, but there's something very Reformation about her sundress choice of 1953.

Keep reading to see what we mean about these vintage summer outfits and shop the looks too.