What a Top Stylist Thinks You Should Buy Secondhand to Look On-Trend

If there was ever one person you should trust when it comes to thrifting and vintage shopping, it's Bay Garnett. The British stylist is the creative brains behind many of the most iconic fashion shoots of the past few decades, and more than a significant handful of those era-defining shots will have been created not with the excess of haute couture or ready-to-wear, but with Bay's canny second-hand finds. You know that shot of Kate Moss wearing a banana-print tee? That was Bay's. Last thing we heard, the stylist still has it in her wardrobe, and, yes, it was somewhat of a prototype for Chloé's spring 2004 collection. Anyway, we digress. Basically, Bay knows just how to pick items that feel right for now, whether they're five years old or 50, £5 or £500.

So with the Vogue contributor now a consultant on VestiaireCollective.com (the super-luxe preloved site), we got in touch. There are many avenues into autumn/winter 2016 that involve vintage looks (this 1980s trend being one of them), but what would an expert recommend? Keep reading to find out Bay's hot tips for making (the perfectly chosen) old clothes perform new tricks. 

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Opening Image: Style du Monde