The 9 Vintage Pieces Everyone's Buying, According to Instagram

Vintage clothing is reaching new heights of fame this year, with the issue of sustainability taking centre stage in 2019. The shift from buying new to buying secondhand has been especially visible on Instagram, with influencers championing more sustainable practices and wearing more old clothes than new ones. In addition to featuring vintage pieces, influencers are increasingly making a point of re-wearing outfits and reducing the amount of shopping they feature.

Because of the rise in demand for vintage, finding the best pieces has become easier and more accessible. Thanks to websites like Vestiaire Collective and Etsy, as well as Instagram accounts that sell vintage, there's never been a better time to get your hands on something incredible—without the "hunt" aspect that deters so many people from shopping secondhand. Keep scrolling to see and shop the vintage pieces we've spotted on our feeds lately.

Style Notes: A good quality wool or cashmere knit is a great piece to buy secondhand, as they are made with better fabrics (not blended or synthetic) and designed to last.

Style Notes: When we have a feeling an iconic bag is about to make a comeback (see Fendi Baguette and Dior Saddle bag), we like to check if there's a vintage one first.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Menswear Blazers



Style Notes: Any vintage men's section is a gold mine for checked blazers and dress shirts. Jeanne Damas apparently swears by vintage men's jackets.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Burberry Trench Coat and Dior Saddle Bag



Style Notes: A trench coat is a classic, but a Burberry trench is a forever piece and a clever piece for any capsule wardrobe.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: YSL Yellow Aesthetic Blazer



Style Notes: Designer pieces from the late '80s and early '90s are still quite affordable and will only increase with value over time. Now's the time to get in on them.  

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Camel Cashmere Wool Coat



Style Notes: A proper camel coat bought new can be rather expensive, where the vintage equivalent is often better value.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Dior Black Leather Bag



Style Notes: Everyday pieces in leather (like an easy tote) bought vintage are timeless and durable.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Celine Leopard Knee-High Boots



Style Notes: Since Phoebe Philo's departure from Celine, influencers have been looking have turned to vintage shops to stock up on "old" Celine.

Vintage Pieces on Instagram: Hermes Constance Leather Bag



Style Notes: If you're looking to invest in a luxury designer bag, buying one secondhand means you skip the queue and get a better version.

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