This Summer, I'm Most Excited About Wearing This '70s-Style Print

Rarely a season goes by without the '70s influencing our wardrobes. Last season, we saw the reintroduction of platform shoes. Denim has also felt the impact of the decade's style with flared jeans making a surprising comeback for the foreseeable future. The other trend that's returned thanks to the '70s? Vintage floral prints. To get better acquainted with what this means, all you need to know is that this pattern often falls under the following category: gaudy. 

vintage floral prints trend: lucy williams in prada trousers


Phill Taylor for Who What Wear

Lucy Williams wearing Prada trousers

But don't let that put you off. While I'm not immune to the allure of minimalism and all its elegance, there's no denying it can get a little repetitive. With the S/S 20 trends being big for sleek lines, I'm excited to see at least some fun prints being big for the warmer months. The flowers are either oversized or tiny and come in colours that are often clashing with browns, reds and yellows grouped together or greens and purples.

vintage floral prints trend: nicole ocran in a vintage print dress



The designers and brands embracing this trend into their collections include Marc JacobsFaithfull the Brand and Prada. An added bonus of this trend is that it's easy to shop real vintage pieces too. Dresses are the easiest way to wear the look, but I've also got my eye on some trousers. 

vintage floral prints trend: emili sindlev wearing a vintage-style print



All you need to do is keep scrolling to see where to find the best vintage floral prints today.

An understated printed dress if you just wanted to nod to the trend. 

Trust Miu Miu to make a super-gorgeous frock. 

So obsessed with these Prada trousers. Pair with a black tee. 

I've never seen a paisley print I didn't like. 

Rixo has a whole collection of vintage-inspired dresses right now. 

This one has been all over my Instagram feed. 

This brand always gets it right when it comes to vintage-style prints. 

Next up, the biggest S/S 20 fashion trend you need to know. 

This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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