The Designer Bag We're All Buying Secondhand (Out of Choice)

What springs to mind when you think of a baguette bag? For me, it's Carrie Bradshaw clad in a cami top, low-slung jeans and layered gold necklaces. It's a style that was, until now, firmly buried in the '90s, but thanks to Fendi, the iconic accessory has been given new lease of life. Embraced by cool girls across the globe, this throwback bag stands out against the minimalistic styles that have flooded the market recently. Smothered in logos and unapologetically impractical, this is the epitome of '90s glamour.

Okay, so it's never going to fit your packed lunch and laptop (it's very much a phone, purse and keys situation), but, boy, is it pretty. It's perfect for Friday night drinks when you need something chicer than a work bag but less dressy than a clutch. Simply scroll through the Instagram shots below to see the bag's versatility—from Hannah Almassi's tiered red showstopper to Rikke Krefting's head-to-toe white ensemble. There's no outfit that this bag doesn't complement.