Which Vintage Levi's Jeans Cut Is the Most Flattering for YOUR Body?

You know your dream pair of vintage jeans are out there—the kind that would make you do a double take at your own rear, that have a perfect washed-out fade, and give off a ridiculously cool-girl vibe. But alas, sourcing them is frustratingly elusive. Since some of the best vintage pairs are made by Levi’s, we figured we’d go straight to the source to help make your quest just a bit easier. We talked to Levi’s Global Vice President of Women's Design, Jill Guenza, to find out which cut is the most flattering for different body types. This way, when searching for your own pair, you can come armed with your preferred cut in mind, say 505, which will hopefully make it simpler to weed through all the options, and locate your perfect pair. Since there are so many cuts out there, we kept it straightforward, and limited it to two easily findable Levi’s styles.

Whether you have a curvy or straight shape, scroll down to see which cut will make your body look its best.