How the Victoria's Secret Angel Wings Are REALLY Made

1. This awesome investigation into how the Victoria's Secret Angel wings are actually made will change your perspective on the yearly extravaganza. [HuffPo]

2. Singer Jhene Aiko's collection for Lovers + Friends will have you lusting for lace in a major way. [Revolve

3. Here's why people are wearing those MCM bags you see everywhere! [BoF

4. Here are nine easy ways to give your place an instant style upgrade. [Domaine]

5. To celebrate Ryan Gosling's 34th birthday, here are 34 smokin' hot pics of him. Because why not? [E! Online]

6. Know soda is bad for you but drink it anyway? Here are some statistics that might make you change your ways. [Byrdie]

7. Grace Kelly might have been the most glamorous woman ever. [Harper's Bazaar]

8. Well, this is weird. A Palestinian designer staged a runway show inside the hallowed halls of the United Nations. [Racked]

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