Would You Give Up on High Heels? Victoria Beckham Just Did

Victoria Beckham has revealed the real reason she doesn't wear heels as much anymore. In a letter written for this month's Vogue, titled “What I Wish I'd Known,” the designer reveals all about how she feels about past fashion mistakes and how her style has evolved over time, particularly when it comes to wearing heels. 

Over the past few years, Beckham has often been spotted wearing flats and trainers, instead of her signature skyscraper stilettos. And now we know why. 

"You will learn, as you mature, to swap heels for Stan Smith trainers, minidresses for crisp white shirts. And you will never be one of those people who just roll out of bed," writes Beckham. 

So, turns out all you need to get rid of your heels is a little bit of time. Who knew? Keep scrolling to read more fashion advice from Victoria Beckham and how she really felt about some of her more outrageous outfits.


Gisela Schober/Getty Images

But she doesn't just talk about her current style. The fashion designer who has now won numerous awards for her eponymous label's collections, has rocked many a look in her time (although we know she's always been fond of an LBD) and she looks back on how she used to dress, in classic VB tongue-in-cheek style:

"You are going to have so much fun with your clothes – PVC catsuits; chokers that say absurd things; weird spiky blonde hair. It will never occur to you that you appear ridiculous. You will turn up at awards ceremonies resembling a drag queen. But I look back at you and smile. It will add interest to your life to go from one extreme to another. I love the fact that you will feel free to express yourself."

One of our favourite passages however, is when Beckham writes about her teenage self and how she felt growing up studying at a stage school. She reveals that she wasn't "the prettiest, or the thinnest" and that she never fitted in. But perhaps the toughest line is this:

"You think the principal has put you at the back of the end-of-year show (in a humiliatingly bright purple Lycra leotard) because you are too plump to go at the front. (This may or may not be true.)"

So, no to purple Lycra and yes to trainers. Got it? 

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