Victoria Beckham: Underrated '00s Style Goddess



Today, Victoria Beckham is known for her polished style sensibility—both in what she wears and in her eponymous clothing line. But if you flash back to her prime Spice Girl years, her signature look was something different. Though when you think back to Y2K, it may be Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan who comes to mind, Beckham is the underrated style icon you've been sleeping on. In the late-'90s and early '00s, Beckham stood out as a style icon who wasn't afraid to take a risk or two (and we have the photos to prove it).

Below you'll find a few of our favourite throwback shots of Victoria Beckham, in all her cargo-panted and minidressed glory. And here's the best part: We included shopping to help you reimagine each of these iconic looks too. Because while there's no denying that Beckham is an amazing dresser in 2018, she was wearing some of today's edgier trends 20 years ago. Read on to check it all out.

Now you're armed with some major Victoria Beckham inspiration.