Victoria Beckham Just Revealed the £9 Toothpaste She Always Uses

When Victoria Beckham took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to give us all a peek inside her travel wash bag, the last thing that I was expecting her to pull out of her Hermès cosmetics case was a tube of toothpaste. 

Victoria Beckham Toothpaste: VB in neutral polka dot shirt



Yet, between the bottles of luxurious cleansing oils and facialist-approved sun protection, VB took a little time to sing the praises of her favourite dental hygiene product—Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste.

Founded in Florence in 1958, Marvis toothpastes have gone on to achieve something of cult status (for a toothpaste, anyway) amongst the fashion set. This is likely due, in part, to the chic apothecary-esque packaging but might also have something to do with the reputation that it gained in the '70s for fading the staining on teeth caused by smoking (not that such a thing is in any way related to the beloved designer).

"This is quite a posh toothpaste," Beckham said, "but I think it's the best toothpaste." I'd be inclined to agree. After all, I don't see the likes of Net-a-Porter, Selfridges and Liberty London stocking Colgate on their shelves—but Marvis sits proudly amongst their beauty offering.

Keep scrolling to shop the other beauty essentials that Victoria Beckham had in her travel bag.

Beckham loves this sulphate-free shampoo from top celebrity hair colourist Josh Wood.

The matching conditioner keeps Beckham's hair soft and shiny and her colour looking bright.

For her first cleanse, Beckham loves this plant-based cleansing oil to remove makeup and sunscreen and balance the skin

VB uses this as her second cleanse to decongest pores and remove dirt and grime from the day.

VB always has a pack of cotton buds with her when travelling to help remove eye makeup. These ones are made from bamboo and soft cotton and 100% biodegradable.

A triple pack of Beckham's favourite toothpaste.

A travel-friendly collagen supplement that delivers a boost of vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and brighten your skin.

An intensely moisturising sheet mask from Beckham's facialist, Sarah Chapman. VB claims that you see an instant difference from using these.

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