Victoria Beckham: Female Friendships Can Inspire and Help Your Career

Victoria Beckham is that rare breed of celebrity-turned-designer who, like the Olsens, has proven herself to the often-exclusive fashion world. The label she launched in 2008 has become a household name, with the savviest fashionistas looking forward to her collections every season. While her designs alone are worthy of that attention (a host of sensual yet sophisticated dresses and separates), it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that part of the allure is Beckham herself. Often derided in the press for being "icy" (on the flimsy basis that she is not constantly smiling), people have been enthralled by her quiet beauty for decades now. If only we knew what went on behind that gaze!

Well, a new interview with Beckham in The Independent UK paints a much different picture than that of the mean-girl stereotypes often thrown her way. In exploring why her label might be such a success, the designer notes:

"Even if I wouldn't wear something myself, I think I know how women feel, how women want to look... I can really relate to women, I get on very well with women… Some women don't. I want to empower [them], make [them] feel [like] the best version of themselves."

That's certainly an attitude we can get behind, and if her most recent collection is any indication, her sense of what women want is totally on point.

Are you surprised by this quote? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to read the full interview over at The Independent UK!