Victoria Beckham Repeats THIS Mantra Aloud to Herself Every 3 Minutes

Of all the big designers on the scene right now, Victoria Beckham is probably one of the most enigmatic. She maintains a fairly effective shroud of mystery wherever she goes, doing very little press and playing her cards close.

But for the opening of her first-ever flagship store in London, Beckham took the opportunity to reveal something very interesting to one Elle writer. During a sit-down interview with Faran Krentcil, Beckham repeated (aloud) this mantra to herself every two minutes and 52 seconds: "I know what I want." 

We take this to mean that no matter what she's doing or whom she's speaking to, Beckham takes a beat to repeat "I know what I want" to herself aloud. This is awesome.

What is your mantra? How often do you repeat it to yourself? Tell us all the details in the comments below!