VB Has Launched a Range of Posh Spice–Inspired Lipsticks, and They’re So Chic

As much as we love Victoria Beckham and all of her fashion industry chicness, we’ve got to admit that there has always been a teeny, tiny part of us that wants to see a big Posh Spice return. While our Spice Girls reunion wishes were well and truly granted last year, there always was a VB-shaped hole in our hearts. Understandably so, Beckham is just too damn busy running the fashion and beauty world.

However, today marks a turning point, and Beckham fans far and wide can rejoice. Although she probably won’t be stepping out on stage in her little Gucci dress any time soon, as of today, we can officially say Posh is back—just in the form of a new lipstick collection from Victoria Beckham Beauty instead. 

Victoria Beckham Lipsticks: Victoria Beckham



Since it launched in 2019, we have pretty much been VB Beauty’s biggest fans. From the stunning Smoky Eye Bricks to that Augustinus Bader glow–giving moisturiser (don’t even get us started on the serum), everything that Beckham touches just seems to turn to beauty gold. The brand’s super-natural Bitten Lip Tints are a favourite amongst beauty editors, but a lipstick line has been hotly anticipated for some time. And finally, it’s here.

It’s here, and it’s quite honestly beautiful. Comprised of nine seriously wearable shades, Posh Lipsticks are just about the most personal and Beckham-like thing in the whole VB Beauty offering. “Each shade is inspired by a specific memory, and whilst the moments may have been my own, the energy and emotion is shared by us all,” she says. And she’s right. There’s something seriously nostalgic but wonderfully modern and chic about each lipstick.

Posh Lipstick in Pout.

Let’s start with the shades themselves. Spice, a mid-toned beige, is a wonderfully deep and warming nude. Pose, a more mauvey nude, has a strong '90s vibe to it without feeling dated. For those who prefer a hint of colour, Pop is the perfect cherry red, and Pout offers up a pale coral pink pigment suited perfectly to no-makeup makeup days. There’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone. 

The packaging is every bit as chic as you’d expect, too. Housed in a super-slim but substantial and weighty case, patterned with the now-iconic VB Beauty tortoiseshell design, it’s the sort of lipstick you want to have out on the table at dinner. However, the most impressive thing, of course, is the formula itself. Deliciously buttery, ultranourishing, and impressively pigmented, the vegan formula contains a botanical blend of waxes and oils to create one of the most comfortable lipsticks out there. Basically, one swipe is enough to bring out everyone’s inner Posh.

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to shop the new shades and to see what Beckham herself has to say about each one.

"You can take the girl out of the '90s, just don’t take her lipstick. This is the perfect nude that Posh Spice was always searching for."

"Mr. Valentino once told me that every woman should wear red lipstick. It’s bold and confident, and what is more beautiful than a woman who embodies those traits? I find it so chic to highlight something memorable and bright amongst more wearable neutrals."

"Posing—I consider it my greatest contribution to the Spice Girls. You’re welcome."

"I take my fashion responsibility to not smile very seriously, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy every moment. I’m smiling on the inside."

"Pre-Posh, I was just terribly shy. But my mum always encouraged me to use my voice, to be kind and courageous. I learned then that your voice is powerful, no matter your age or notoriety."

"Just because it’s business doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As Spice Girls, we always dared to do the unexpected."

"Let me tell you, love at first sight does exist. I fell in love with David’s smile first, but as I got to know him, I just found such comfort in the way he made me feel… like the best version of myself."

"Move to your own beat. Find your own path. Whenever the script calls for combat boots, I slip into stilettos."

"I’ve made some rather bold fashion and beauty choices over the years. Some might call them risks—from spiky blonde hair to matching leather suits—but I’m not mad at them."

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