VB's Cost-Free Trick for Making the Scruffiest Jeans Look Sophisticated

Victoria Beckham loves to mix it up when it comes to her look. She might appear to stick to her classics of jeans, blazers, and dresses, but if you look a little harder, you'll spot that she loves to keep her wardrobe interesting—whether that's with an unusual colour palette or just interesting ways on how she styles pieces. Today, it's the humble jean, which she's worn with a large turn-up. While we've been obsessed with straight-leg, frayed-hems and cropped flared jeans, VB has turned everything on its head with this old-school way of styling her denim. Of course, not everything she's wearing is controversial. She still paired the jeans with a black roll-neck, black boots and a navy blue coat. The turn-ups, however, mean that there's an old jeans trend that's about to be resurrected. But the best news is that it costs nothing. Time to trial Victoria's look? Keep scrolling to make your decision.

Victoria Beckham Turn Up Jeans



Style Notes: For Mother's Day, Victoria turns up her straight-leg jeans to above ankle length, pairing them with a roll-neck, black boots, and a navy blue tailored coat. 


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