Whoa: Victoria Beckham Has Upgraded Her Engagement Ring 13 Times

While it makes sense that the ring you love when you first get engaged might lose its appeal over time, the sentimental attachment usually trumps a person’s changing tastes—that and the fact that investing in an entirely new engagement ring is not exactly practical. But, alas, Victoria Beckham doesn’t seem to mind, having enjoyed a shocking 13 rings thus far, throughout her marriage to David Beckham.

She may not have the same financial concerns as the rest of us—but 13 is still pretty extreme, no matter how many zeros you’re worth. Then again, this is Posh Spice we’re talking about here and luxury has always been the name of her game.

When David proposed in 1998, he did so with a marquise-cut diamond on a yellow band (first slide, below)—hardly a "starter" ring by most standards. After a brief dalliance with an elegant diamond band in 2002, Mrs. Beckham's rings have grown to major proportions. The upgrades include a giant diamond pear cut, a yellow-hued baguette, and a square-cut emerald surrounded by diamonds. Shabby? No, her collection is the antithesis.

But is Beckham on to something with her rotating cast of rings, or is this merely an indulgence of the mighty few? Other married women may yearn for a new ring from time to time, but will we see them acting on the matter anytime soon? 

Scroll down to see Victoria Beckham’s coolest engagement rings throughout the years.