Victoria Beckham Is Making Us Buy This £119 Skincare Gadget

In case you aren’t already following the style icon that is Victoria Beckham on Instagram, I’d really recommend you start. Yes, the glossy runway shots of her latest collection and the ûber-cute family photos on her grid are great, but the real magic can be found in her Instagram stories—particularly if you want to know what beauty products VB is loving right now.

When Beckham took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night to swoon over a brand new skincare gadget from Sarah Chapman, I was instantly intrigued. It’s no secret that Beckham is a huge fan of Sarah Chapman, crediting the Sarah Chapman skincare line and Skinesis facials from the lady herself with keeping both her hormonal acne in check and reducing the scarring left behind from breakouts. As someone who is always looking for new ways to keep adult acne in check, I’m sold if VB gives a product her seal of approval.

The product in this case was the Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer. “I’m interested to know how strong it’s going to be,” Beckham explained before putting the product to the test. “Normally things like this that are for domestic use aren’t actually that strong, but I think it’s so important to steam your face, so I’m really hoping this is going to be good.”

In case you’re wondering what the hell a steamer is when it’s at home, let’s backtrack a bit. Facial steaming is often used in professional facials to open up the pores on your skin to boost circulation and improve brightness but also to open up the pores for deep cleansing and extractions. You might have even tried this yourself at home with the old towel over a bowl of hot water trick.

In Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Clinic, professional facial steamers that emit microscopic steam particles are used to unclog pores, deeply cleanse the skin and leave your complexion with a natural glow. Even better, it can help make the products that you apply afterwards absorb more effectively.

So how did the home version of the facial steamer measure up to the real deal? “I have to say that I’m really impressed with this machine,” said Beckham—while using the steamer. “The steam comes out super strong… For me, this is as good as any steamer that I’ve used when I’ve been for a professional facial. I think this is great… I’m really, really excited about this.” In fact, she captioned her story with “You need this in your life!”—high praise indeed.

Keep scrolling to shop the steamer for yourself and for more of Victoria Beckham’s favourite Sarah Chapman products.

Enjoy your own facial at home with this VB-approved steamer.

Beckham took to Instagram ahead of fashion week to reveal that she' been using this glow-boosting mist over makeup to rehydrate her skin during the long days and nights leading up to her show. 

Victoria Beckham has previously revealed that she likes to mix up her cleansers so that her skin doesn't get too used to one, but this cleansing balm is one in her regular rotation. 

Not only is VB a fan of these ultra-hydrating sheet masks after exfoliation, but I am too. Genuinely the best sheet mask I've ever used for a moisture boost, the bio-cellulose texture helps all the good ingredients to sink into your skin—and it fits your face perfectly. 

Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you that a daily SPF is the key to youthful, radiant, healthy skin. This one is Beckham's choice which means I'm adding it straight to cart.

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