So Many of My Friends Are Going to Buy What Victoria Just Wore

Victoria Beckham has been poking fun at her paparazzi poker face for years. She rarely smiles and rarely takes off her sunglasses—and last year she explained this with a T-shirt that said, “Fashion Stole My Smile.” In February of this year, she released another slogan T-shirt with the phrase, “It’s a dark but happy place,” referring to how she feels behind her shades. She posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing the T-shirt with her signature black-out sunglasses and added the caption: “You could say I’m slightly obsessed with sunglasses?! Wearing glasses all the time, I like to say I’m in a dark but happy place.” The T-shirt was subsequently bought by so many of our friends (of all genders) that it gives us good reason to predict the latest additions to the VB slogan family—grey-and-white versions of the idea in sweatshirt form—will do just as well.

On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Dark But Happy Place Sweatshirt (£175)

Today, the designer shared an #OOTD wearing the marl-grey sweatshirt tucked into relaxed-fit jeans and worn with red suede courts: the ideal brunch look for a Bank Holiday weekend, don’t you think? “When you’re smiling on the inside. As the sweatshirt says!! Let your sweatshirt do the talking,” said Victoria on her Instagram post, peppering the caption with crying/laughing emojis.

On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Dark But Happy Place T-Shirt (£95)

Back in February, when the first tee came out, VB kindly sent the white iteration (along with the all-important shades) to the Who What Wear UK offices, and naturally, we re-created her image on the stairs of our townhouse. In response, we noticed many of you asked about sizing: Hannah Almassi is a 10-12 and felt like the medium was just right for a loose-fit in the shot below. However, if you want to tuck your sweatshirt in à la VB, we’d recommend sizing slightly down in order to avoid excess bulk around the waist.

Who knew dressing like VB could be so easy?

Opening Image: Getty Images

This piece was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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