6 Victoria Beckham–Approved Colour Combinations Anyone Can Do

Something's been going on with Victoria Beckham of late. We don't know what changed, but we've spotted that the designer has completely transformed her style. While she used to favour a white shirt and black trousers for casual outings, or an LBD on the red carpet, VB is no longer opting for this minimal style and instead is going for full-on colour. And we love it. 

The former pop star might have pared back her own personal style from the days of zebra-print tops with pink bra straps underneath, but it's exciting to see Beckham introducing some new hues into her wardrobe, as it's given us inspiration to do the same. Whether that's an orange jumper or a green skirt, or even an incredible yellow coat, the fashion designer manages to pull it off with aplomb.

There are certain tricks, however, that she uses to ensure all of these colourful outfits still remain true to her elegant style. For example, none of the garments are overly fussy, with no embroidery whatsoever, and all are tailored pieces. Keep scrolling to see all the times Victoria Beckham wore colour this year.