From 1996 to 2016: Victoria Beckham's Little Black Dress Collection Is Major

Victoria Beckham might have had the most dramatic style transformation on record, but the one thing that has remained constant, hair extensions or no hair extensions, is her love of the little black dress.

Arguably the best line in Spice Girls: The Movie is when Sporty says to Posh, "It must be so hard for you, Victoria. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or… the little Gucci dress!" The hemlines may now be longer, and it’s usually a Victoria Beckham dress instead of a Gucci dress, but the joke still stands. So to celebrate her 42nd birthday later this week, we have put together a retrospective of her life in LBDs. Click through the gallery to see Victoria Beckham wearing a little black dress, a little black dress and… a little black dress.