This Two-Piece Outfit Has Been the Surprise Hit of the Past Few Months

I'm just as surprised as you that this two-piece outfit is one of the biggest hitters when it comes to summer style, but here we are. The ensemble in question is a vest top and shorts. Of course, this is fashion we're talking about, so this isn't just any old vest–and-shorts combination. Over the past few months, I've saved some of my favourite shorts-and-tops looks I've spotted on Instagram, and now I'm ready to share the best.

On the whole, fashion insiders have been wearing a lot of Bermuda-style shorts in a tailored or a more cycling-short silhouette, or high-waisted versions with a vest top. Then it all comes down to how you style it and the types of accessories you're pairing with the ensemble. Do you wear an oversized jacket? Dainty or chunky "dad" sandals? A gold necklace or something more delicate?

Whether you're going all minimal and opting for a matching jacket with your shorts or clashing your top and bottom, fashion Insta knows how to make this simple-sounding look appear chic and fun. Ready to see if you're persuaded to try the trend? Keep scrolling for all the different ways to do it and then shop all the outfits. You never know, you might genuinely find something you like.

1. Match your shorts with your jacket.
vest top and shorts trend: tiffany hsu



Style Notes: There's nothing that looks more put-together during the warmer weather than a short suit (probably because it makes you look like you can handle the heat without breaking a sweat). Pair your suit with a cropped vest top for a chic take on the summer suit.

2. Oversized shorts with a classic white top and blazer.
vest top and shorts trend: pernille teisbaek



Style Notes: Keep it minimal à la Pernille and wear your oversized tailored shorts with a plain white vest and blazer. Just don't forget the Bottega sandals. 

3. Channel the '90s with a silver vest and cycling shorts.
vest top and shorts trend:



Style Notes: This is quite the adventurous ensemble, but it's just so fun. The silver vest paired with cycling shorts might appear to be quite the sassy outfit, but worn with chunky sandals and a choker it's less Kim KW and more of an homage to the '90s. 

4. Paperbag shorts and embellished top with oversized necklace.
vest top and shorts trend: annabel rosendahl



Style Notes: Paperbag shorts are super flattering, as they are given a defined waist. Tuck in an embellished vest top and accessorise with a chunky necklace. 

5. Utilize clashing prints.
vest top and shorts trend: emilie sindlev



Style Notes: The opposite of minimalist dressing has to be this outfit. Opt for clashing prints—the bolder the better—and strappy heels to nail this look.

6. Throw on your favourite checked blazer.
vest top and shorts trend:



Style Notes: If you want to transition your shorts-and-vest outfit to a more autumnal look, simply throw on your favourite checked blazer. 

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