The 2 Products I'm Recommending to All My Friends Who Want Brighter Skin

Along with cardigan weather and brighter mornings, there's one thing that spring's arrival guarantees without fail: a flurry of messages from friends and family asking me how they can get their skin looking brighter. Yes, after a long winter spent inside with a distinct lack of vitamin D, most of us are emerging into the early days of spring with dull, tired-looking complexions, and we're seeking solutions—fast.

Luckily, our sister skincare line Versed is one step ahead, having just launched two new products that are about to be our saving grace for brighter, glowier skin this spring. I've been testing them out since they landed on my doorstep last month, and they've gone straight to the top of my recommendation list for anyone who is seeking a little help in the glow department. Oh, and with each product coming in at £20 or under, they're also an affordable addition to your spring skincare routine.

Versed New Skincare Products: Yaminah with glowy skin



So what is this new radiance-boosting skincare duo that I've been telling all my friends to buy? It's the Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum (£20) and Weekend Glow Brightening Serum (£18).

The packaging informs me that each of these products is specially formulated for dullness, ageing and problem skin, and just like all of Versed's skincare products, they're both vegan, cruelty-free and free from fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulphates and a whole host of other potentially harmful ingredients.

Versed New Skincare Products: Victoria with glowy skin and sunglasses



Before we get into how the products actually work, I'll admit that a retinol and an acid toner might not seem like the obvious choice to recommend to everyone. In fact, they can sound a little scary if you're used to a more pared-back skincare routine or haven't experimented with new ingredients before.

However, as someone who has tested and trialled a lot of potent skincare products—and has experienced some unwanted skincare reactions along the way—I can attest to how genuinely gentle and easy to use these products are. In fact, Versed prides itself on using clean formulations that deliver effective results with none of the skin-irritating side effects. 


Sounds good, right? Keep scrolling to dive into exactly how these new skincare products from Versed actually work and to find out why I'm recommending them to basically everyone I know.

Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum



I'll be totally honest: I'm always a bit terrified when I have to try any retinol products for work, as I had a major case of flakiness and skin irritation when I first tried retinol a few years back. Since then, I've found some effective retinol formulations that work for me, but I'm always nervous to try a new one. I needn't have worried. The Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum is seriously gentle thanks to a unique combination of encapsulated retinol and natural retinol alternatives, arophira and bakuchiol.

It's this encapsulated retinol that penetrates through the top layers of your skin to stimulate cell renewal and work on tackling wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation without causing irritation to the surface. The natural ingredients then get to work on evening skin tone, smoothing and plumping for youthful, juicy-looking skin.

Retinol is an age-preserving ingredient that you'll see the long-term benefits of, so this definitely isn't a quick-fix approach to skincare. However, your skin will thank you for using it in years to come, and I love this Versed serum, as it does have those fast-acting natural ingredients so you can enjoy an instantly healthier-looking complexion, too. 

To use, apply one or two pumps every evening after cleansing, then follow with your usual moisturiser if you like. Come morning, make sure you apply an SPF. This product supercharges your skin cell renewal, so those fresh, new skin cells will need protection.

Weekend Glow Brightening Serum

Versed Weekend Glow Brightening Serum



If retinol is a slow burner, then AHAs provide instant gratitude—and they're the main ingredient in the Versed Weekend Glow Brightening Serum. Unlike the aforementioned retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids work on the surface of the skin to exfoliate those upper layers and provide an immediately brighter, smoother complexion. So for all of my friends looking for a quick fix, this is the product that I recommend.

While sensitive skin types might find that their skin can be a little reactive to acid-based products, Versed has cleverly formulated this toner to have a pH of 5.3, which the brand claims is your skin's "sweet spot." Basically, it won't cause irritation, but it will cause your skin to look a whole lot more radiant.

I've tried so many acid toners in the past, but I was really impressed with the gentle blend of lactic, glycolic, azelaic and kojic acids in this one. My skin looked fresher from the first use, and over the past couple of weeks, I've even noticed some initial improvement in uneven skin tone around acne scarring, and my overall skin texture is so much smoother.

To use, press a cotton pad onto the pump two or three times, then sweep onto clean skin after cleansing and before your serum or moisturiser. You can use this morning or evening, but I personally use it in the morning and use the retinol serum at night—I wouldn't use both products together, as it's a bit of a potent mix.

Keep scrolling for more skin-brightening products from Versed:

A non-greasy hydrator that replenishes thirsty complexions, protects skin from outside aggressors and imparts a dewy glow.

Brightening vitamin C, soothing niacinamide and pigmentation-fighting palmaria palmata extracts work together to form this hardworking serum that evens skin tone.

This refreshing eye gel boasts a cooling texture that instantly de-puffs tired eyes while vitamin C, ginseng and coffee extract awaken the eye area and minimise dark circles.

This skin-brightening blend of lactic and glycolic acids resurfaces skin overnight, so you'll wake up to glowy, well-rested skin.

Mix a little of this potent vitamin C powder in with your usual serums and moisturisers on days that your skin needs a little energising.

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