The 30-Year-Old Leggings Gigi and Bella Desperately Want

While all eyes were on the original supermodels taking to the catwalk during the Versace show last week, there was one other superstar present that no one was talking about. Well, not unless you're a member of the Hadid family. As it turns out, Gigi and Bella are obsessed with the vintage Versace leggings, which also made a return to the fashion house's catwalk last week.

Taking inspiration from Gianni Versace's original collections from 1991 to 1995, the latest show from Donatella was a mix of bold prints and colours, with modern takes on dresses, skirts and trousers—and, of course, leggings.

"The [show's] silhouettes are all new because the shapes from those days look dated today," Donatella Versace revealed to The Guardian. "Except the leggings. Everyone loves the leggings again. The models like Gigi and Bella [Hadid] are always asking me where they can get the nineties Versace leggings." While we know we'd have to be feeling pretty sassy to wear a pair ourselves, we can see why the Hadids love them.

Keep scrolling to see the original leggings in action and the updated version from Versace…

Vintage Versace Leggings
Versace vintage leggings: Vintage leggings



Style Notes: The classic bold vintage Versace leggings. 

2017 Versace Leggings
Versace vintage leggings: 2017 Versace leggings



Style Notes: The updated version we can totally see the Hadid sisters wearing with denim and heels.

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If you want some actual vintage Versace, try Vestiaire Collective.

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