Velvet Shoes: The #1 Affordable Trend You'd Be Insane to Miss

When Instagrammed a shot of Whistles' velvet shoes for the new season last week, we didn't realise just how extra-popular they'd be with you. Our obsession had reached an all-time high, but it turns out every fashion-aware girl on the planet has a penchant for velvet shoes right now as well. And why not indeed? They are beautiful, tempting things to behold, whether on social media or your actual feet.

But the most brilliant thing about this plush footwear genre is this: High-street and affordable brands are doing them so well, you don't need to look any further. Meaning you can tick off one of the moment's key buys, without breaking the bank.

So, in honour of this #TuesdayShoesday, we thought it wise to round up the best of the velvet shoes, sandals and boots on offer at reasonable price points. Because, sure, we'd like to buy as much Miu Miu as our imaginary millions would allow, but when the going's good, you may as well dip a toe into this trend with a no-guilt purchase. Indulge your velvet-shoe love with our favourite nine to shop now…

Get on the pre-order list for these—Alexa Chung has a pair, you know.

Sandals you can dance in all night long.

The prettiest things we ever did see.

Your workwear way to hop on the trend.

We'd wear these gems right now with socks.

Very luxe for a very low price.

Shop more of Whistles' new collection now.

Opening Image: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images/Sandra Semburg