Every Cool Way to Wear Your Velvet Dresses After the Holidays

Welcome to 2018, friends! The holidays are over, which usually incites a slump in all facets of our lives. (Unless you're one of those wildly ambitious goal-setters who transforms at the start of each new year—in which case, we envy your drive.) So if you're feeling a little out of sorts, don't fret. After all, those few weeks between January 1 and mid-February can feel like one big sartorial rut.

But before you bury those festive party dresses of yours, give them another glance. Fashion girls everywhere are proving that party dresses (especially velvet dresses) can be the centerpiece for looks with a decidedly streetwear spin to them. It's all about marrying the luxe piece with cool sneakers, graphic T-shirts, and high-shine leather. Create an intriguing dichotomy by wearing a pretty frock with thick socks and pool slides (yes, we went there) or an oversize flannel (don't knock it until you've tried it).

Keep reading to see how to revitalize your velvet dresses, and then shop our favorite picks below.