These Are the Exact Lashes Meghan Markle Wore on Her Wedding Day

I've always had a love-hate relationship with false lashes. Sure, I can appreciate how transformative the right pair of falsies can be (elevating even the shortest of natural lashes toward gravity-defying length and volume is something even the best mascara in the world couldn't re-create), but I've always found the application to be too fiddly and time-consuming to be worth the end result. Even on my wedding day, when many brides opt to use individual lashes for a more fluttery eye look, I skipped them.

But when I heard that luxury faux-lash brand Velour was making its way to UK shores, I decided to put my preconceptions aside. Why? Well, it turns out that Meghan Markle wore lashes from this exact brand on her wedding day. Hey, if they're good enough for a duchess, then who am I to disagree?

Velour Lashes: Meghan Markle wore them on her wedding day



Launched in North America in 2011, CEO and Founder Mabel Lee launched Velour with a mission to "become the world leader when it comes to eye-centric cosmetics." A bold claim indeed.

"I started Velour as a passion project while I was in University in Toronto," Lee explained. "I was obsessed with false lashes—they are like lipstick to me, I can’t leave the house without them—but I could never find lashes that looked natural enough or felt soft or comfortable for all-day wear."

Unlike other false lash brands, Velour's falsies are made from luxurious, ethically-sourced materials like synthetic silk and faux mink. "Eventually, I landed on the materials we use today: soft to the touch, luxuriously whispie, and they look like my real eyelashes but fuller and longer," said Lee. "From there, celebrity makeup artists, influencers and industry pros started to use Velour on celebrities like Beyonce and Meghan Markle—and it really took off from there!"

Velour Lashes: Meghan Markle's wedding day beauty look



As for Meghan's wedding day lashes of choices? She opted for the Velour Whispie Me Away style (£23). Now a cult favourite style for the brand (unsurprisingly given that Markle has given them her seal of approval), the style features thick clusters of lashes that get longer toward the outer corners for an eye-opening effect.

But it turns out that Markle isn't only the A-list fan. Both Beyoncé and Kate Upton have been known to step out in the luxury lashes too.

Velour Lashes: Beyonce is also a fan



Beyoncé's makeup artist Wei Lang spilt the beans to The Cut on the star's beauty must-haves. "She really does like liners, and she asks for that a lot, and lashes," Lang said. "And I always use mink lashes on her. They look amazing. I use strips by Velour called “Are Those Real?” and I got her really into it, so she buys them by the ton."

Velour Lashes: Kate Upton is a fan



Keep scrolling to shop my other Velour lash picks if you're a falsies newbie like me.

"I always recommend our Effortless Collection for beginners," said Lee. "This collection features lash styles that come on a shorter lash band, so you don’t need to measure or trim your lashes to your eye shape. All you do is glue and go."

These mimic the effect of lash extensions without you having to spend an hour at the salon. Win-win.

Coined as the brand's "most easygoing lashes ever," these falsies had natural volume with a hint of flare and curl at the ends for that flutter.

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