I Started Shaving My Face With This £24 Product, and I'm Never Turning Back

To say I was dubious about dermaplaning is an understatement. Until recently, there was one skincare myth I wholeheartedly believed in: Shaving your face would make the hairs grow back thicker. It was only when a friend (with skin as smooth as marble) revealed she regularly removes hair from her entire face that I became a little more open-minded. However, she explained she wasn’t shaving but rather dermaplaning, and it was the secret to her glowing skin and makeup. I’ve been a convert ever since. I currently use Veet’s electric dermaplaning tool (£24), but what does it actually do? 

From easier makeup application to brighter skin, skincare enthusiasts have waxed lyrical about the benefits of dermaplaning. On the face of it, dermaplaning is an intensive exfoliating treatment that helps blitz dead skin cells, blackheads, and other nasties. The process usually takes place inside a salon, and a sharp, scalpel-like blade is used to gently remove peach fuzz, or “vellus hairs,” from your face. It’s a safe procedure and leaves skin impossibly smooth. Afterwards, your skin is said to drink in serums and moisturisers. Experts confirm that the peach fuzz does not grow back thicker and grows at the same rate as before. 

The growing popularity of dermaplaning has meant many have wanted to try it at home. It’s clearly a more affordable alternative, and there are plenty of options on the market. If, like me, you fear nicking your face, then Veet might be the smart decision, as the brand has safeguarded the blades for home use. Once a month, as part of my skincare routine, I gently remove fuzz from my sideburns, cheeks, and chin, avoiding moles, spots, cuts etc. I would recommend researching techniques before attempting to do it, but always make sure skin is clean beforehand. 

As the Veet dermaplaner is electric, the buzzing sound does make you incredibly aware that you’re technically shaving your face. Admittedly, I do sometimes feel like my dad. And yet the results are hard to deny. My makeup looks better, and my smooth skin lasts around a month. In regards to the old skincare myth, I have yet to grow a full beard.


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