The Old-School Sneakers Everyone's Wearing at Fashion Week

I remember a few years ago when it finally became acceptable to wear sneakers during fashion week. This revelatory moment sounds so archaic as I type, I know, but it really wasn't done—unless you were something of a rebel, of course. Heels were the very backbone of this monthlong style trek, and only stilettos spoke the language of the fashion people, until everyone (finally) realised that wearing trainers was A.) a delightfully comfortable thing to do, and B.) that they look really good with so many outfits. 


Shot By Gio

Kate Foley wearing Old Skool Vans, a Rejina Pyo dress and J.W.Anderson Pierce bag.

So all sorts of sneakers since then have been laced up and into fashion's favour, from the easily recognisable (e.g., Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike Air Max, Converse All Stars) through to the more obscure (think Rick Owens high-tops, Axel Arigato lace-ups or Alexander McQueen's thick-soled sneaks). But now there's a new contender for the most sought-after trainer style of them all—a £52 classic from Vans. 


Getty Images

Three very different street-style methods for wearing these retro sneakers.

The striped, rubber-soled sneak is called the Old Skool because it was a skater guy's OG go-to, but I also see old-school connotations of my own; did you also wear them when you were 15 and stomping through a grunger-girl stage?

Now the unisex trainers are being worn by all kinds of industry women: those who love streetwear as well as those who will only be found in divine dresses. But they all have one thing in common: Black-and-white canvas is the iteration all are focused on (although we wouldn't be surprised if the shopping trend started multiplying and street style stars diversify into the many other versions Vans have to offer). 

If you thought this was a flashback, wait until you see the radical sneaker trend Rihanna's bringing back.