#WomanCrushWednesday: Rising Designer Valeska Jasso Collado

In the worlds of celebrity style, street style, and bloggers, the landscape is pretty unsurprising: There are hundreds of women out there who really know how to dress and who creatively put together outfits, but there's not a whole lot of truly groundbreaking clothing happening. And then there's designer Valeska Jasso Collado.

A graduate from the prestigious design school at the University of Westminster, Collado takes inspiration from objects and colour and transforms that love into wearable art. Her clothing is structural, overexaggerated, bold, and unapologetic; it reminds us of the olden days when we were just wee ones cutting shapes out of construction paper. We're into it.

Keep scrolling to see some of Collado's latest collection, and head to her site to see (and shop) more