These 5 Valentine's Day Outfits Will Make You Love Yourself Even More

Valentine's Day outfits needn't be complicated. When deciding on what to wear for a special date night or a romantic day activity, we're big fans of keeping it simple and letting your inner and outer beauty shine. Ideally, you want a get-up that you're comfortable in but that also makes you feel like you're making the most of a given day to celebrate your awesomeness (every day should really be like this, but the calendar says otherwise).

We're not talking about wearing a pair of Perspex heels, skintight leather pants, or a "naked" dress; this is more about subtle skin flashes and bold colours that will add a touch of sassiness to your usual style. So, whether you're into modest fashion styles or want to show a bit of leg, we've got five outfits that will work across the taste and style spectrum. The best bit is you probably already have plenty of these pieces in your wardrobe already, but if you don't, we've selected some items to shop too. And hey, who cares if you don't have V-Day plans? These are mood-boosting outfits you'll always feel great in. Keep scrolling to check out our favourite outfits for Valentine's Day.

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