I’m Not Into Valentine's Day, But I'd Be Happy With Any of These Gifts

What a year the month of January has been. If, like me, you feel completely fatigued by it all, and you can't believe Christmas was only a mere five weeks ago, then I have some good news—it's almost Valentine's Day! No, wait, come back. I know that this particular day isn't really something people like to celebrate. Personally, I usually ignore it, and not just because I've been married for a while, but because I think it can seem a bit exploitative. Why celebrate the people you love in your life for one day, when you could, technically, do it all year? But the year is 2021 and I will take any excuse to celebrate something. 

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I turned to the Who What Wear Facebook group So… Should I Buy This? and they confirmed what I'd been thinking: this year is the one to do something special on Valentine's Day. They also gave me some great ideas on what kind of presents they were after, and what they might be gifting. From candles to bath stuff, as well as a nice pair of sunnies and jewellery, there were classic presents that I'm sure everyone would be delighted to receive. But in addition to this, there were also suggestions about meal kits and a items for the home—both great suggestions when we spend a lot more time in our homes right now. Keep scrolling for the Valentine's Day gift ideas you'll love.








Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to know. 

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