V-Front Bikini Bottoms Are Quickly Becoming a Mainstream Trend

Every time we write a bikini story in 2019, we feel like we're talking about less fabric, as this year, stringy thong bikinis are no longer reserved for Emily Ratajkowski and a brave few. The latest trend that guarantees maximum sun exposure? V-front bikini bottoms. They have a super-high leg with an exaggerated V-shape that scoops underneath the belly button.

This style of bikini bottom appears much more revealing than classic briefs due to the straps falling on the hips, showing more of your upper leg and hip bones, however, this hoisting up of the bottoms does elongate your legs. And although they appear super low-rise on the front, it is more of an illusion as many of these styles sit where a classic bikini bottom would.

For a more subtle V-front, you can pull up any pair of bottoms over your hips as Iskra, Tanya Burr and Felicity Hayward have done below. Of course, the Kardashian-Jenner family has been endorsing these V fronts, trying to go for the biggest plunge as possible. Swimwear label Reina Olga writes the following on its Instagram account: "Because no bikini is ever too small and no tooshie is ever too big."

It's the perfect surmise of swimwear in 2019. Keep scrolling to see and shop the V-front bikini trend.

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