3 Unexpectedly Amazing Uses for Dryer Sheets

Doesn’t it seem like the elements work against you during the most trying mornings? Your cuddly cat shares a light coat of fluffy hair on your black knit sweater. The dry winter winds cause your new silky skirt to cling in awkward places. You pull on your go-to t-shirt only to realise streaks of deodorant marking you like a zebra. Who knew that the cure to these fashion woes is sitting right in your laundry room? That’s right: Dryer sheets ($3) can actually remove lint, deodorant streaks, and static cling in a pinch. Simply rub the dryer sheet over the affected area, and voila! Problem solved.

Make sure to pin the graphic below for future reference, and scroll down to shop our favourite pieces that often fall victim to pet hair, static, and deodorant stripes. 

T by Alexander Wang Silk Wrap Blouse ($185)

Our Picks That Are Prone to Lint and Pet Hair:

LA Made Pullover ($81)

Reformation Dean Jumpsuit ($258)

Have you ever tried using a dryer sheet to remove lint, deodorant marks, or static cling? Let us know in the comments below!