This Urban Outfitters Item Is On Track to Sell Out Before It Even Goes Live

Thanks to Instagram, it doesn't take much for an item to generate shopping hype these days. From next-gen It skirts to the bag on every influencer's arm, all brands need are a few posts and boom—it's a sellout. So when an item has zero social media presence, it makes it all the more impressive when it reaches cult status. Do you know what makes it even more impressive? When it's not even available to buy yet.

That's the case when it comes to Urban Outfitters' latest must-have, which is breaking records (even though you can't buy it yet). It all started when we spotted this incredible pink denim boilersuit. In fact, Urban Outfitters is accepting preorders for it before it goes on sale 23 October. After the success of Ganni's and ASOS's fuchsia all-in-ones, it was a smart move on Urban Outfitters' part. However, it seems even the buyers were unprepared for the shopping urges it would instil.

As obsessed with all-in-ones as we are? Why not consider a jumpsuit for party season?

Opening Image: @isabellath