Honestly, This High-Street Homeware Department Has Never Looked Better

If home is where the heart is, it's only natural that my head is focused on updating my current décor situation. Like so many others, being forced to see very little other than the inside of my home has meant I've started making some tweaks here and there. The goal? To freshen my spaces and make them something I consider to be a sanctuary; not somewhere I'm involuntarily held. As such, I spend much of my time on Instagram, analysing how others are improving their homes, be it with a lick of paint, a piece of furniture or, in this case, a new lamp from a high-street favourite.

Rachel Clifton was lucky enough to get her hands on Urban Outfitters's now sold-out Ansel lamp. 

Gone are the days when Urban Outfitters' homeware section was compromised cute Tupperware and eclectic mugs (don't fret—the ceramic elephant mug still makes an appearance). Now, it's a bona fide boho interiors haven, with everything from full-on furniture (double beds, anyone?) to exclusive print collaborations with new and exciting artists.

Recently, the brand's Ansel table lamp, inspired by vintage the cult Murano glass mushroom lamp, has blown up on Instagram, and thus pulled me back into Urban Outfitters homeware department. The Ansel lamp might now be sold out (keep an eye, though, as it's still in stock on the U.S. site and, who knows, may make a reappearance soon), but I've found countless other treasures I think are just as special. Scroll below to see my Urban Outfitters homeware picks.


This looks like something your grandma would have on her vanity—we mean that in the best possible way. 

I have this in my spare room. The minimal base is ideal for small spaces. 

Urban Outfitters's print selection is particularly excellent at the moment. 

These will make a thoughtful gift for an avid baker. 

Can't choose between these gorgeous colours? Buy the lot and create a sofa rainbow. 

This cute mug has been an Urban Outfitters bestseller for so long. 

This blanket could easily be three times the price. 

If houseplants are your thing, ensure you're watering them in style. 

This bunch is just waiting to be placed in a rustic jug. 

Use this large wall mirror in small spaces to help open them up. 

Another Urban Outfitters homeware item we were expecting to cost so much more. 

Just think how pretty these glasses will look in your next tablescaping set-up. 

Urban Outfitters has the best collection of vinyl players around. 

This rug looks like you could have bought it on a trip to Marrakesh, which is the highest form of praise.  

Taking your lounging to the next level with this chic daybed. 

This wall hanging will breathe life into any room. 

Until the Ansel makes a comeback, this minimal lamp will absolutely do the trick. 

Curate until your heart's content with this stylish open-shelving option.