21 Celebs and Fashion Girls That Are Making Me Want to Wear My Hair Up More

When it comes to hair, I'm definitely a creature of habit. Despite some flirting with bobs and longer strands over the years, my hair happy place is definitely a shoulder-length style that's low-maintenance and can be twisted into a bun on days when even dry shampoo won't save it. And when it comes to styling my mid-length strands I'm similarly fuss-free. On most days, I'll wear my hair loose with a few extra beach waves tonged through if I'm feeling fancy. Otherwise, as I mentioned, it's a basic bun without any extra frills. But after experimenting with the best hair accessories for party season with the rest of the Who What Wear team, I've been feeling a little more inspired to step outside of my hair comfort zone and try wearing my hair up.

If you feel the same or simply want a hairstyle alternative to a topknot, then look no further. Ahead, I've rounded up 21 celebrities and fashion girls wearing buns, ponytails, braids and more. It's basically a comprehensive guide to the best updo hairstyles to try right now.

Nnenna Echem
Updo hairstyles: Nnenna Echem



Nnenna's bun might look simple, but adding a hair accessory like this kitsch butterfly clip adds a fashion-girl flourish to the finished look. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Updo hairstyles: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Rather than brushing all your hair back for this sleek chignon, make like Rosie HW and add a centre-parting for a polished edge.

Alyssa Coscarelli
Updo hairstyles: Alyssa Coscarelli



I normally forgo updo hairstyles because I have a fringe, but Alyssa proved that bangs look brilliant with a bun.

Zoë Kravitz
Updo hairstyles: Zoë Kravitz



My beauty icon, Zoë Kravitz, looks incredible with her low braided bun and oversized hair ribbon.

Nina Sandbech
Updo hairstyles: Nina Sandbech



Nina's pearl headband and twisted ponytail is the ultimate cool-girl approach to updo hairstyling. I'll definitely be trying this one.

Ashley Graham
Updo hairstyles: Ashley Graham



Elevate a basic ponytail by playing with height. I love how Ashley has wrapped a strand of hair around the elastic for a chic finishing touch too.

Linn Eklund
Updo hairstyles: Linn Eklund



I'm not especially skilled in the hairstyling department, so I'll be disguising my messy updo by stacking up the hair clips like Linn. Genius.

Margot Robbie
Updo hairstyles: Margot Robbie



How damn cute is Margot Robbie's teeny-topknot–and–velvet-ribbon combo?

ASOS Lesley
Updo hairstyles: ASOS Lesley



Adding a hair scarf to your updo like Lesley not only adds colour and texture to a simple outfit but also adds the benefit of disguising second-day hair.

Sienna Miller
Updo hairstyles: Sienna Miller



So many of our favourite celebs have been spotted in headbands this year, but Sienna was way ahead of the curve with this iconic high-chignon–and–feathered-fringe updo.

Sophia Roe
Updo hairstyles: Sophia Roe



Proving that updo hairstyles work just as well for off-duty as they do for special occasions, Sophia's curly topknot is hair perfection.

Laura Harrier
Updo hairstyles: Laura Harrier



The key to preventing an updo hairstyle from veering into prom queen territory? Letting your natural texture shine through like Laura Harrier is doing here. Pull a few tendrils free to frame your face and keep the style feeling relaxed.

Mica Ricketts
Updo hairstyles: Mica Ricketts



I was lucky enough to be visited by the stylists at John Frieda recently, who first converted me to the joys of an updo with this slicked-back, low bun complete with the cutest pearl hair twists.

Priyanka Chopra
Updo hairstyles: Priyanka Chopra



bun seems to be Priyanka Chopra's updo hairstyle of choice, and when it looks this good, I can see why.

Ada Oguntodu
Updo hairstyles: Ada Oguntodu



I'm totally obsessed with Ada's bunches, which are perfect for girls with mid-length or short hairstyles. Any longer and you might run the risk of re-creating your primary school class photo.

Alexa Chung
Updo hairstyles: Alexa Chung



Alexa's hair always looks amazing, but if you have similarly fine strands, then try using some straighteners to add some soft waves at the front of your updo for added texture.

ASOS Lotte
Updo hairstyles: ASOS Lotte



A low ponytail is a great way to wear your hair up if you're short on time. Add a ribbon or interesting scrunchie like Lotte and it becomes the perfect wedding guest hairstyle.

Scarlett Johansson
Updo hairstyles: Scarlett Johansson



I'm not sure how easy it would be to re-create Scarlett's sculpted hair twist, but the sleek style is definitely making me want to try.

Updo hairstyles: Adenorah



Adenorah's French-girl fringe + cute black scrunchie = updo goals.

Katherine Langford
Updo hairstyles: Katherine Langford



A stylish knotted take on the bun from Katherine Langford.

Aude-Julie Alingue
Updo hairstyles: Aude-Julie Alingue



half-up, half-down hairstyle is a great place to start with an updo if you usually wear your hair down like me. I love how Aude-Julie has teamed hers with a bouncy ponytail right on top of her head.

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