I've Found 24 of the Most Unusual Dresses for Ultra-Cool Wedding Guests

It's crunch time, people. Yes, wedding season is most definitely upon us, and consequently, so is wedding-guest dress season. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not dress like anyone else at the event. Nuptials are my excuse to go all-out and buy something that I'd usually deem OTT for all other days, so I often set about finding something really unique to wear on a friend or family's big day. Now, I know it's not about me, but it kind of is (at least in my own thoughts).

So what is it that can set you apart from the rest? Well, for starters, I find that wearing vintage puts you instantly ahead of the "same dress" situation (although, if someone has an impeccable taste like you, what's not to appreciate?). But in all honesty, vintage just has the edge over buying anything new, in my opinion, as it feels special and one-of-a-kind. When I'm looking for fresh-season stock, there are a few key elements to a dress that can set it apart: colour, shape and print (these are all key). Of course, you can then choose to add in accessories that bring some extra pizzazz or personality to really finish things off.

Keep scrolling to see the most unusual dresses for wedding guests in 2019, all of which are still guaranteed to be entirely chic, up-to-date and totally re-wearable—no matter how statement they may be. Now go, peacock!

Bold Coloured Dresses

Offbeat, weird colours you'd usually sidestep are having moment. Jif yellow and pea green are just two more unusual hues you'll find being used in fancy dresses at the moment. I'd say because they're neither "in" nor "out," you'll actually get plenty of wear out of these pieces for many years to come. When choosing a more out-there colour, it's a good idea to look for simple silhouettes with minimal detailing and always remember that satin shows off a colour's depth. Simply add black, nude, white or metallic accessories to make the biggest impact. There's also another way to look at bucking tradition: Many consider red and black to be inappropriate choices for a guest at a wedding, so if you feel like being a rebel (or you've asked the bride for permission), try either of those.

Unusual Printed Dresses

Unusual wedding guest dresses: try statement prints like giant florals, geometric patterns or animal print



Sure, you could opt for cute ditsy florals. Or you could go totally all-out with big jumbo blooms in mad colours, geometric eye-boggling patterns or something altogether more unusual like tie-dye, splodgy painterly brushstrokes, paisley… the list goes on. As with the bolder colour options above, you're best to pick neutral accoutrements or to select a colour or two from within your chosen printed piece and use it as an accent via a pair of shoes, a bag or jewellery.

Interesting Silhouettes

Whether asymmetric and artfully draped off the body (á la Tamu in Jacquemus, pictured above), or rendered in super-exaggerated silhouettes with blouson sleeves, gigantic ruffles or statement shoulders, there are many wacky and wonderful silhouettes to select from at the moment. It'll make those cute tea dresses feel quite left out…

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