5 Unexpectedly Cool Trends Coming at Us This Summer

There are plenty of chic trends for the taking in summer 2020 (aka, styles that we can still relish in throughout quarantine)—long shorts, elevated raffia bags, uplifting tie-dye, runway-inspired crochet, and playful puff sleeves. These trends skip merrily hand in hand with the casual and free-spirited nature of summer. But today, our focus is on the more unexpected summer trends that have been dominating our Insta feeds this year. Call them microtrends, if you will. These unique looks are wonderfully unpredictable and have been embraced by the fashion set, causing a ripple effect on the 'gram. 

Read on to see the unexpectedly cool trends coming at us this summer, and shop them for yourself.

Tennis, But Make It Fashion

Preppy tennis outfits have been gaining major momentum on Instagram, with pleated tennis skirts, in particular, winning over fashion girls. It's a welcome alternative to leggings and sweats. The best part? You don't need to be a tennis pro to pull off the look! Keep it modern and style your tennis garb with fashion-forward accessories like a chunky necklace or hair scarf. 





Not Your Average Bra

Summer 2020 will see the rise of the beautiful bra top, and this season, it's anything but basic. It seems the style set is having a ton of fun in the bra department these days, sporting Insta-worthy styles featuring unique silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and seriously cool details. 



Boxers and Briefs

While we're on the theme of undergarments, have you seen the myriad of boxers and briefs on your feed lately? Now that we're all staying home, the comfy trend has been bubbling, with cool girls giving the menswear undies a fashion-forward touch, styling them with everything from button-downs to blazers. A modern alternative to your sweatshorts.

Really Pretty "Ugly" Sandals

The "ugly" sandal trend just got an unexpectedly pretty update this summer, and the fashion crowd can't get enough. Chunky, sporty sandals are now adorned with everything from whimsical embellishments to charming fabrics. 



Anklets Over Socks

We've always enjoyed wearing anklets throughout summer, providing a little adornment and edge to our sandals and swimsuits, but now that inside clothes are the new norm, fashion girls are styling them over their comfy socks this season.




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