15 Unique Engagement Rings Brit Girls Will Love

When you're searching for a unique engagement ring, where should you start? It's a question we've heard from many a bride-to-be, as it's hard not to feel overwhelmed when there's so much around, and your mum is probably pressuring you to get a traditional gold band with a diamond ring.

But if you're tired of that look or just want something that's a little different to suit your own personal style, what should you go for? Well, our rule is there are no rules. Why should you feel restricted if you want to stand out from the crowd? While we're sure you already have your own Pinterest board going and have checked out our guide to the best engagement rings for every budget, we've hunted down some more unusual rings to give you some inspiration.

From classic styles with a twist to gobstopper-type pieces of jewellery that will always make a statement, there is a lot out there for the alternative bride. And if you want a diamond ring, we've still found plenty of those just in different shapes and interesting cuts that we guarantee few others have considered. Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of the most unusual and unique engagement rings.