8 Lesser-Known Brands Where You'll Find a Unique Dress

One of the most common questions we're asked on in our Facebook group, So… Should I Buy This?, is where to find truly unique dresses. It appears we all fear the same-dress situation. Thanks to social media, boutique brands now have the ability to go boom like never before. And while the additional exposure is brilliant for the respective designers, it can sometimes mean their creations become more mainstream than initially intended.

While that in no way makes them less special, the last thing you need to worry about is turning up to a party or wedding to discover someone is wearing the exact same dress, not from the high street, but from a brand you thought flew under the radar. So in an attempt to broaden your frock horizons, we took it upon ourselves to find unique dress brands that cater to every budget and style, and are still relatively untapped.

From gorgeous prints and embellishment to flattering silhouettes, keep scrolling to discover the unique dress brands fashion people would rather we kept a secret…


Born in New Zealand, it was in New York that Rebecca Taylor chose to set up her self-titled line in 1996, but it's still relatively unknown here on Brit soil. Her collections are full of flirty dresses that demonstrate her serious love for lace and silk.


Unique Dress Brands: Olivia Ruben brings the fun to London fashion.



If playful frocks are what you seek, look no further than Olivia Ruben. The London-based designer has put the fun back in fashion. Be it leopard print or rainbow sequins, she somehow always manages to predict the next big trend.

Unique Dress Brands: Paper London is known for its modern designs.



Inspired by modern art, Paper London is your go-to for bold structural shapes, contrasting fabrics and a considered use of colour.


Inspired by vintage fashion, you'll note influences from different eras in Radish's designs. Right now, its aesthetic is all about balloon-sleeves, pussy-bow necklines and romantic prints.


Handmade in Edinburgh, Olivia Rose's dresses are sweet yet directional and wearable. In short, you're looking at the next generation of It frocks.

Unique Dress Brands: Coco Fennell's eclectic designs will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons.


Phill Taylor

Coco Fennell's masterful designs make print-clashing look easy. Kitsch they may be, but its elegant patterns and silhouettes ensure these are dresses you'll truly love to wear.


Unique Dress Brands: Isabelle Fox's dresses are a classicist's dream.



Quite simply, Isabelle Fox's designs exude elegance from every seam. Minimal they may appear, don't be fooled—using the finest fabrics and with an emphasis on fit, these dresses will last you a lifetime. We're already on the waiting list for the short-sleeved Sophia dress (as seen on stylist Louise Roe), which will make its annual comeback in March. For now, though, we'll gladly take one of these…


After clocking this dress during fashion week, we just had to track down its maker. And now that we've found Stine Goya, we'll be forever loyal to its statement take on Scandi style. The fact it's already a hit with those in the know is a sign of what's to come. We suggest investing now.

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