Uniqlo's New Collection: The Coolest Thing to Happen to the High Street in 2016

The high street is a fantastic place to find incredible bargains, which we tell you about all the time. But when a designer such as Christophe Lemaire partners with a brand such as Uniqlo, it really gets our fashion pulses pumping. Especially when it's on a permanent basis.

While they've worked together in the past on two collaborations, this is the first time Lemaire, who took on the role thanks to the success of the previous collabs, has created a range since becoming artistic director of Uniqlo. The new and, more importantly, permanent collection will be known as Uniqlo U, and consists of what Lemaire does best—versatile and functional fashion-forward pieces that will flatter everyone. 

We know, however, that all you really want to know right now is what the pieces look like. Well, we can show you, as well as tell you when it's all available. Warning: Expect to want it all.

Click through our gallery to find out more about the collection and when you can get your hands on it.