From One Cold Girl to Another, This Is the Secret to Staying Warm Right Now

As I write this from the comfort of my home office with my shearling slippers on, I'm cold. I always feel the slightest chill (even the most subtle breeze on a far-flung holiday can make me shiver). So when it comes to winter, I've learned how best to prepare for the harsher climes.

Layering is one tactic I use. I'm particularly partial to a layering look, but I have a secret (not to mention toasty) trick up my sleeve that I've decided to share with you. Cue Uniqlo

Hannah Crosskey wears a Uniqlo Heattech T-shirt underneath a chic oversized blazer. 

Expertly cut T-shirts aside, Uniqlo's best buy, in my humble opinion, has to be anything from its Heattech range. What is Heattech, you ask? Let me blow your mind…

Heattech is Uniqlo's collection of innovative thermals across all of its product categories. As if by magic, the Heattech-fused fabric comfortably regulates your body temperature without the discomfort of bulky clothing. How? It cleverly uses moisture released by the body to retain heat to keep you warm during the colder months. If you're sceptical, I was right there with you until I tried it for myself. Now, I flat-out refuse to step outdoors unless I have one of Uniqlo's Heattech vests layered underneath my midi dress or a pair of thermal leggings tucked into my knee-high boots. In fact, I've just stocked up on items from across the entire range. I suggest you do the same before the real freezing temperatures of February and March hit.

Keep scrolling to see and shop the best Uniqlo heattech pieces. You can thank me later.


This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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