This Stylish and Comfortable Fashion Collab Has Our Vote

Style and practicality aren't exactly synonymous with each other, but that's not to say the two never come together to make one harmonious relationship. You need only look at the resurgence of flat shoes and the never-ending popularity of the sneaker in recent years to know they can be pretty fashionable bedfellows. However, UK-born designer Hana Tajima has taken the merging of fashion and comfort to another level with a new collaboration with high-street favourite Uniqlo. Think wide draped pants and flowing dresses that are just as feminine as they are comfortable. We couldn't imagine a better time to launch the aforementioned collection than during the summer, as it will be perfect for keeping cool on hot days or when you're on holiday. More important, it's coming to stores and online at Uniqlo today.

Keep scrolling for our favourite items from the collection and where to shop.

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