I've Worked in Fashion for 15 Years and Finally Found My Summer Capsule

Something very exciting has been happening at Who What Wear HQ: we've been designing a sustainable summer capsule collection in collaboration with our very own community of readers and fashion super-fans. There's still time to influence decisions and get access to the collection before everyone else—join our Facebook or Slack groups, and keep reading to discover more.

Over the years we've noticed a gap in the market for sensibly-priced, cleverly-designed pieces that manage to bridge the gap between being trend-led and yet classic enough to rely upon and pull out of your wardrobe time and again—the kinds of pieces that never fail you. From direct audience feedback we know all too well how frustrating shopping for these tick-all-the-boxes items can be, especially when you are trying to find sustainable versions to boot. So here's where our range, Drop 01 by Who What Wear UK, comes to save the day (the summer, the year, and maybe a whole lifetime of getting dressed!).

We're offering a completely new and radical way to buy well-priced, long-lasting clothes that you'll LOVE. We'll be reducing waste thanks to a made-to-order model (powered by our partner Unfolded) and the collection will chock-full of the top designs that have been created by and voted in thanks to our discerning community. Fans of the project have been instrumental throughout the process, helping to make all-important decisions about everything from fabrics and prints through to final silhouettes. We already have over 1000 insiders contributing on this level for Drop 01—and there is still time for YOU to be involved in how the collection materialises as well as getting first access to shop it. Sign up (on Facebook or Slack) to get exclusive access to our Insiders community, and keep reading to learn more about the collection.

1. It's the Perfect Summer Capsule


Who What Wear

Although I can't yet reveal the full line-up, I can guarantee you there's something (okay, probably minimum three things) for everyone in there and all of the seasonal bases have been well and truly covered. If there are any gaps in your current closet—whether that's for basic items or wow one—I think they'll be filled soon.

Who What Wear has always been about making style accessible and joyful, and we're taking a truly democratic approach for this capsule collection. It all started with our editors—a group of people with a love for fashion, with realistic personal budgets, our own fashion hangups and plenty of opinions on the perfect items we can never seem to find. We also have a wealth of experience when it comes to analysing what our readers engage with and ultimately buy, so therefore we own a nuanced understanding of what can make a Brit girl click "add to basket." We're known for documenting the trends (only the best ones with longevity, of course) but we're also just as popular for our content around basics, classics, capsule wardrobes, sustainable edits and re-styling ideas. So this collection will feature both elements—timeless styles with clever, practical details that still feel new and fresh for the season ahead. 

2. All of the Pieces Are Designed By Our Community AND Our Editors


Who What Wear

Over 1000 of our wonderful readers have joined us as Insiders and collaborated alongisde our editors to create the first ever line—Drop 01. The editorial team kicked off the process, first setting about decoding the season's topline trends and moods, drilling down into the staples every summer wardrobe could benefit from, picking apart the design flaws we see so regularly (no pockets! not bra-friendly!) and then—many Pinterest boards later—the design ideas started to emerge for our community's persual and approval. 

The Insiders have been pivotal in instructing the design of every element of the collection from from helping us pick colours and prints to choose hemlines and naming the items. Only the most popular items make the final cut, ensuring that we have the kind of collection that truly resonates for a cross-section of this country's fashion-loving people. We hope that this entirely new approach has enabled us to design a perfect summer collection that just so happens to be made sustainably without the creation of any waste thanks to a pre-order model.

3. The Pieces Not Only Look Great They Do Good Too!


Who What Wear

As you can imagine, the team here is ultra-aware of how clothes make us all feel. There is great satisfaction we take from finding pieces that are not only flattering but practical, infinitely re-wearable and conciously produced too. So to be able to craft a line full of items that tick all of these boxes has been a dream come true. 

From inefficiencies in the production chain to worker inequalities, it's hard to ignore the impact our fashion choices can have on the wider world. That's part of the reason why we were so keen to partner with Unfolded: This limited edition capsule collection will be made sustainably creating no waste and each item sold will not only pay garment workers better but will help fund a child in the manufacturing communities’ education. Thanks to the brand's partnership with non-governmental organisation Pratham in India we are aiming to support over 1,000 children in education for the next 12 months. Each garment has a value of a period of time for education and when you purchase something you'll have that information at your fingertips. Cool, right? 

There are many other sustainable and creative checkpoints for us to travel though together and you can still be a part of this journey by simply signing up to join us over on Facebook or Slack—plus, you'll be first to get your hands on the collection!

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