When There's a Sale, I Always Add This to My Basket


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As a shopaholic with a shoestring budget, I have to make calculated choices to get my fashion fix and keep my closet up to date. And as much as I keep astride of current trends and the desire to curate my closet with current pieces, there is a give-and-take when I actually shop. I'm always game for a good deal—secondhand stores and sample sales are two of my favourite stomping grounds—but I do splurge on the occasional must-have piece, especially when I know it will sell out before it ever goes on sale. However, there's one category for which I'll never pay full price—underwear.

When it comes to what's underneath my clothes, I couldn't care less what the season is, but still enjoy treating myself to good quality pieces—especially when designer finds are available for the same price. I'd rather save £20, £30 or even £60 on a clearance bra from a couple seasons back and use the extra spending money on the blouse I'm wearing over it. For the most part, no one ever sees what out-of-date prints lie beneath, and those who do certainly don't know my cute balconette is Stella McCartney S/S 15.

For the same price, I could purchase a fast-fashion multipack, I can treat myself to designer skivvies made of silk with polka-dot mesh detailing or scalloped lace trim. When these finer finds go on clearance, I like to stock up. While I'm not a stickler for matching sets unless it's lingerie, I know it can be an important factor for many women. Good news is I often find sets—both lingerie and basics—on sale together (you just might have to act fast to make sure you secure your sizes). So if you're looking to upgrade your underwear game (by keeping it out of season), I recommend sifting through the sale sections of fashion-girl favourites like Net-a-Porter, The Outnet and MatchesFashion.

To get you started, we've rounded up some of our favourite on-sale underwear to shop below.

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